In chaos, it is very difficult for one to differentiate right and wrong specially living in a country that is evil-eyes by many external forces and facing challenging environment and critical situation. Some culprits backed by these evil forces are working to sabotage country, make Pakistanis prejudice and turn them against their own country and state departments. So with the spirit to showcase the true picture of events, news, incidents, deliver the critical thinking and unfold the reality, HOPE launched an unbiased Think Tank. Think Tank is to help people enlighten the reality and to sow seeds of thoughts in their mind that would enable them to cull right out of wrong. This project is core to HOPE as it preserves the ideology of Pakistan, legacy of Muslims leaders, restores the concept of Caliphate and unification of Ummah and foretells clairvoyance and clairaudience(expected circumstances) through analysis of national and international events and make people ready how and what they should react and counter the situation in positive way.

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