As Pakistan is facing different challenges since its creation but their impact and nature have been escalated in last 20 years due to Becoming a Nuclear Power, Kargal war, American invasion and influence in Afghanistan and rising threats of terrorism. But Pakistan managed to encounter all situations whether it is internal law and order situation or external affairs. All state departments-military and civilian departments- are working together and have put Pakistan on the course heading prosperity and development. But some elements are not swallowing truth and to them it is bitter and hard-to-believe reality to admit the efforts Pakistan made to be a sovereign, peaceful and developing country, again. So these elements, state and non-state actors, try hard to spread misconception and make Pakistan’s image deteriorated and falsified by brainwashing local, foreigners and international community by airing baseless, biased news and by showing the one side of coin.

So with the firm commitment of letting international community know of true picture of Pakistan and to make Pakistan a leading global peace-loving contributor, this campaign is launched. Through this platform, HOPE arranges different seminars, collaborates with other national and international NGOs and organizations and participates in discussion to put forth the stance of positive-Pakistan.

“International Peace Chapters” is a subproject of International Peace Campaign in which overseas Pakistanis represent Pakistan to natives of respective countries.

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